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On All Terrains: The Best Places to Bike in the U.S.

Portland, Oregon

Portland Oregon BikingThis vast culture has engendered a nation chock-full of amazing biking spots. In city, in country, in mountain, and in field, bikers have taken over some of the best locales and recaptured America as a place of forward-motion. Countless cities are now proud to carry the label of “bike-friendly.”

Among these, Portland, Oregon is the most renowned, possibly thanks to the hit show Portlandia and its many bike-riding characters. Portland’s emphasis on safe and convenient bike lanes makes it one of the most welcoming places to travel on two wheels, as does the lack of traffic congestion and the overabundance of trees, fresh air, rivers, and gorgeous scenery.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis Minnesota BikingMinneapolis has actually topped Portland at the number one spot, particularly in light of recent local improvements to better enable cycling. The city has been placing added emphasis on the health and environmental benefits of biking as a form of transportation.

With a combined 166 miles of on- and off-road bike paths, the City of Lakes has won several awards for its pedal-forward practices.

Boulder Colorado

Boulder Colorado BikingAlso near the top of the list is Boulder, the geological wonderland of Colorado. Not only are Boulder’s roadways extremely bike-friendly, but the city’s proximity to the Rocky Mountain foothills has taken biking to a whole new level. Surrounded by tons of nature, the scene in Boulder intrinsically bridges the gap between city and mountain biking.


While urban areas may not have the best reputations among cyclists, many major metropolitan cities have put their efforts into bettering themselves in that regard. Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Washington D.C., and even New York are all included in the top twenty biking towns, and they are all making frequent strides to move further up the list.

Even so, bikers of the nature-loving persuasion gravitate towards places like Eugene, Oregon, Madison, Wisconsin, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Colorado Springs, Colorado to get their fixes of exercise in the great outdoors.

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